RAW (8/18/14) My Way

Hello everyone,

I thought I’d try something a bit new and list a few things that I would want to see come out of tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW. Now, this RAW is happening 24 hours after SummerSlam where beautiful chaos ensued within the walls of LA’s Staples Center. I have many opinions about last night’s show but I’ll leave it at “spectacular” because I’m not here to write a recap. I’m going to keep this short and sweet and to the point. Here we go…

1. I want The Miz to confront Dolph Ziggler as he basks in the glory of winning the Intercontinental Championship title. The Miz will congratulate him but would state that he still holds way more star power than Dolph ever will and that in due time he will take back the IC title.

2. Paige will obviously still be a mega heel within the Divas Division. AJ would be absolutely shaken to her core by her loss. The confidence that she once had would start to diminish. But, a hunger will arise among the rest of the Divas. Paige is top dog once again but now on a whole other level. I anticipate a Naomi vs. Paige feud to begin but I’m not sure if it would ignite during this RAW.

3. Seth Rollins won his match last night and has proven that he is top dog over Dean Ambrose. Seeing that Dean Ambrose is a wild card, I really don’t know what to expect out of him. But, I do expect this to be where he begins his descent seeing as he’ll be gone for a while to shoot a WWE Studios film. How Dean will go about doing this, I have no idea. But I do feel that, however he goes about doing it, the beginning of his leave will start tonight.

4. Nikki will explain why she turned her back on her twin sister Brie. She looked quite regretful exiting the ring last night at SummerSlam so I predict that The Authority made some sort of career deal with her. Something that’s so big that she would’ve had no choice but to aid in her sister’s match loss. I don’t think Nikki’s intent is comparable to Seth Rollins’ at all. I think this is a different situation. Stephanie will bask and brag in lieu of her win, which is well deserved because she absolutely DOMINATED at SummerSlam.

5. Paul Heyman will once again cut a badass promo about Brock Lesnar’s win over John Cena. I’m hoping that it goes along the lines of making an open challenge to anyone within the WWE to go one on one with Brock but expect to receive just as bad a whooping as Cena received. Cena MIGHT come out and have a few words to say, but after what happened last night, I’m not entirely sure that he will make an appearance…though he’s John Cena so he might.

Now, I just want to say that these are merely my predictions. I am letting my imagination run wild and spit-balling what I think could happen. I do not in any way expect any of what I’ve written to happen, but these are just some of my random ideas.

Feel free to comment with any of your thoughts or ideas as well, I’d love to hear them!

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