WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Review

I’m a wrestling fan. That’s right I said it. I LOVE wrestling. Everything from the storylines and the characters to the epic matches excites me. That being said, you can bet that I watched WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event last night. I have been looking forward to this show for months, especially since this event would be live in Boston, my second home. Although I couldn’t be in Boston to see the show live, I watched excitedly from the comfort of my living room. I was beyond hyped and I am even more hyped to post my thoughts on the WWE Money in the Bank 2014 event. When it comes to the WWE, I am full of opinions so get ready for a rather lengthy post.


The show started off with a long awaited return of the great Daniel Bryan, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, who had his title stripped away a few weeks ago due to a serious neck injury. He had the crowd going wild but was soon joined by the inspirational, sensational, and my one of my personal favorites Bo Dallas. Bo is rather new to the WWE lineup but most fans know him from NXT fame. Anyway, Bo entered the TD Garden happy and hopeful as usual. He proceeded to tell Daniel Bryan that, despite him losing his titles, he could definitely make it back to the top as long as he continues to “bo-lieve”. Let’s just say that Bryan wasn’t too stoked about Dallas’s peppy and optimistic attitude and quickly shot him down by calling him a “bo-ner” and that he should “bo-leave”. As Dallas stood there speechless, the entire stadium cheered on Bryan. This was an excellent start to the show because I’m sure a lot of fans thought that it was about time to knock the undefeated newbie Bo Dallas off his high horse and no one was more suited to do this than the beloved former World Heavyweight Champion. But the real excitement was when the actual matches began.


I was pleased with the majority of these matches. The first match of the evening between The Usos and The Wyatt Family was a WWE Tag Team Title match. Defending champions, The Usos, came out strong and full of energy from the very beginning and beat their rivals, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan of the Wyatt Family. It was a much-deserved win as they both worked diligently to show the Wyatt’s once and for all that they were the better tag team.


The Divas match between Paige (Diva’s Champion) and Naomi was probably the best Divas match I’ve seen in a VERY long time. Neither of them held out on this performance and went above and beyond to provide one of the greatest matches of the entire evening, in my opinion. It was a constant back and forth between these two ladies but for the majority of the match it looked like Naomi would come out victorious. While I love Paige, I was excited to see if Naomi could win the title. Naomi is a strong player and seems to hit harder and harder as fights progress. I personally thought that Paige was getting her ass handed to her and was getting progressively weaker. In the end, Paige came out on top. Many will say that Naomi deserved to win this, but her time will definitely come. Paige is great and unique in that she is so young and I would love for her to hold onto that title a little bit longer. I believe that it would strengthen her rivalry with Naomi even more and possibly create more tension amongst the rest of the Divas.

Now, I’m going to keep it super brief when I write about the Sandow v. Adam Rose, Rusev v. Big E, and Layla v. Summer Rae matches because I honestly didn’t think there was anything special here. As per usual, Damien Sandow went on stage, insulted the audience, and was quickly defeated. I love Adam Rose and his Exotic Express. They are a hoot and a holler and I can’t help but jump around the room singing his theme music when they enter the stadium. But, I feel that Adam Rose deserved a better match. He has so much potential and I can easily see him eventually rising to the top. As for Sandow, he has become a joke and is basically only brought out as comedic relief. The match between Rusev and Big E received a huge yawn from me. This match was also predictable in that Rusev won with his same old signature move in basically the same amount of time as all of his matches. I would’ve liked to see him be defeated for once just to stir the pot. If he were to be defeated, I can definitely see him growing in anger and his hunger for triumph. But this would also add an element of revenge to his rather weak storyline. I would for sure be interested in a match where Rusev seeks revenge after being defeated in a long epic battle. Finally, the Summer Rae v. Layla match was as weak as any match could get with an equally weak storyline. Basically these two ladies are fighting over a male wrestler named Fandango who was a guest referee for this match. There was a short fight, Layla won, she got Fandango, and Summer Rae cried. It was terrible. It would’ve been nice to see Summer Rae win in a more lengthy fight, not only to provide more exposure and respect for the Divas Division, but also to make this storyline more interesting. This could add more depth to their storyline! Basically, I crave better storylines for all of the wrestlers mentioned.


The tag team match of Goldust and Stardust against Rybaxel was perfect. We got to see more of Stardust and how he truly will become the face of the Rhodes Brothers. Goldust is getting old and, if you think about it, he could retire at any moment. So by giving Cody Rhodes the persona of Stardust and allowing him to grow into this beautiful, amazing character, we are sure to see great things coming from him in the future. This match made me happy as can be. I applaud the Rhodes Brothers on an excellent win and for being great wrestlers overall. They are brilliant!


With the Contract Ladder match I’m pretty sure everyone was expecting either Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose to win and that the majority of the match would consist of the two of them attacking each other mercilessly. It made sense seeing as Ambrose would show up at every one of Rollins’ matches and ambush him right in the middle of a fight. He was furious about Seth Rollins betraying The Shield. They shared a special bond as a team. They were the “Hounds of Justice” for Christ’s sake! For someone who was part of a team who fought in the name of all things just, to side with The Authority and betray his friends by brutally attacking them did not seem just or right by any means. As a result, Seth Rollins opened a new chapter in his career. He was on a powerful side of The Authority now and I guess one of the perks of joining them was more airtime and some nice leather pants. I love this rivalry and how we get to see the personalities of each of these formal friends. Seth is on top of the world while Dean is out for vengeance. That’s what this match was all about. Everyone else who partook in this match didn’t seem to matter to anyone else and I think when The Demon Kane (a member of The Authority) unexpectedly entered this match, we all knew Seth would win. From that point on, I as well as many other fans expected Roman Reigns to win the title of World Heavyweight Champion in the final match. For me, if Roman didn’t win, I would have loved to see Randy Orton (a member of The Authority) win. As I mentioned before, I am all about juicy storylines and if Orton won, Seth Rollins could cash in his contract at any time to battle Randy Orton for a chance at the World Heavyweight title. It would be a match for the ages. Two members of the same evil team going at it, creating divides within The Authority.


Before I knew it, the final ladder match arrived and what a match it was. The fight to climb the ladder to grab the two belts (World Heavyweight Champion belt & WWE Champion belt) was one to remember. Before it even began, I was expecting Roman Reigns and / or Randy Orton to absolutely dominate and the other participants trying but not being as powerful as Reigns. Oh, how wrong I was. I could have done without Bray Wyatt and Alberto Del Rio in this match and possibly even Kane although I know he is a big player in this storyline between The Shield and The Authority. But, you know what, I was not expecting Sheamus to really be a top player in this match. Sheamus absolutely astounded me and I became an even bigger fan after seeing him fight in this ladder match. Most participants would drop out as soon as they were hit and we wouldn’t see them enter the ring once more until quite a while later, especially with John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. When Randy Orton got seriously injured and began to bleed from the crown of his head, I figured Reigns had this in the bag. He would win and the storyline would progress as predicted. No. In the end, John Cena came out of nowhere and grabbed the belts to win his 15th World Heavyweight title. Now, doesn’t 15 seem a bit ridiculous? Well that’s how the majority of WWE fans feel as well. How in God’s name are they going to write this into the storyline?! I know John Cena has an alliance with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose but it wasn’t big enough to be recognized, in my opinion. They should have played more on their alliance and built it up to make it more powerful. John Cena winning was a huge shock to everyone and an undeserving one in the eyes of most fans. A friend of mine who was at TD Garden for the event recalled the stadium booing Cena upon his win. I’m really hoping that something good and epic comes out of this. I’m also hoping that tonight’s Monday Night Raw will play upon this immediately to get the ball rolling. Also, as a random side note, I would’ve loved to see Bad News Barrett compete in this match but due to his shoulder injury, I knew that his participation wasn’t likely.


For the most part, I loved this event! I was on the edge of my seat through out the whole show. While I was quite pleased with most of the results, there are some things that irked me beyond belief. I apologize for this post being rather lengthy as this is my first WWE analysis and there were a lot of things that I wanted to comment on. I’m hoping to improve by doing more of these posts in the future.


How did you feel about WWE’s 2014 Money in the Bank?

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