My First Kinda 10k

Saturday was the closest I’ve ever been to a 10k. Throughout the day I dreaded hitting the pavement for my 6 mile long run. 5 miles already seemed like a scary distance so you can imagine how I felt about adding on that extra mile, especially when it comes to my knee. Since I began my training journey, I’ve had a few problems with my left knee. It’s nothing serious though. It just feels a bit painful after a while. I figure that it’s either my IT band or runner’s knee. I am not too certain though because it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the pain on my knee.

Anyway, I started at around 6pm just as the sun was about to set. The sun was less brutal and the humidity not as bad. For me 6 miles is pretty far and I wondered where my run would take me. I don’t plan my course ahead of time because I kind of like making my runs an adventure. I know running around my Florida neighborhood during the summer does not compare to my runs in Boston during the school year but I like being able to explore my surroundings. Along with my Spotify running playlist, not mapping out my runs keeps me from getting bored. I found myself running through various streets and around a local park which was bustling with activity. While I definitely had fun, this time around I did make one mistake.

Chugging water. Oh, how it destroyed me post-run! Even during my last 2 miles I felt the water slushing around in my stomach, as gross as that sounds. It felt almost as bad as running a little too soon after eating a meal. Because of this, I definitely learned two important lessons:

  1. Sipping saves
  2. Just because you’re going on a longer run does not mean that you need to fill up on water while you’re on the course. If you hydrate well before your run, you should be golden.

By the time I ended my run, I felt exhausted and like a walking water tower. A couple hours later I felt super nauseous and begged my family to pick up some saltines and gatorade for me. Each run provides new learning experiences and I definitely learned my lessons on this long run.

I also thought that I should bring up the issue of taking walking breaks. Yes, I do indeed take walking breaks on my run. I never did cross country in high school nor did I take running seriously until the past couple of years. So I guess you could say I’m a newbie to this. I went from wanting to run 3 miles to wanting to run 13.1 miles. But, with each and every run I do see improvements in my endurance and I’m sure that by the time I get to my first half marathon, I will be extremely overjoyed by my progress. Greatness takes time and effort. Things don’t happen overnight and I am 100% okay with that because I know that one day I will reach my goal and (hopefully) nail it.

Note: I will probably be posting training related musings after each weekly long run unless something comes up during another run. Special thanks to those who read and liked my first running post and for those of you who decided to follow my blog. It really means a lot!


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